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Thanks to Chris and Beverly miles, Chris Billot, Bobby and Christina Belsan, and Christina Louie. We could not have completed this album without the support you guys gave us!

  • Nominated for New Band of the year by 94.5 
  • Played shows with-Candle Box,Everclear,Alien Ant Farm,Otherwise, Saving Abel

Texas Rock without the twang! Solid lyrics and a full bodied sound quickly bend your ear , led by the smooth 
vocals of Mike Donnell and carried through your brain with an edgy but friendly 
musical gait concocted by Nick, Zach and Adrian. 
Just like when your mom said “if you make that face it’s gonna stick with ya!” so 
does the music made by Fighting Gemini but you look better because of 
it…..trust me. 
Fighting Gemini’s “Test Drive” is an in your face ride, powered by Nick Drake’s 
six string and Zach Sample’s thundering drums. Come take this trip, you are 
willing and most certainly able!

Kotter Rockhard 
Program Director 
Rock103.9 FM / Rock 95.1 FM 

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